Head Audio Engineer Guerilla Remote Mobile Recording Studio


Full service 56 channel audio, 5 camera video mobile recording facility.


  Multitrack Audio Recordings include:


   -Osheaga 2011

   -Heavy MTL 2011

   -Heavy T.O. 2012

   -Jeff Martin (The Tea Party)

   -The Flaming Lips

   -Finger Eleven

   -Phil Anselmo (Pantera)

   -Shakura Saida





The Brickworks Toronto Fundraiser Gala


Head Audio Technician: Evergreen Brickworks 2008 Fundraiser

Audio system design/set up/ operation of 3 stages to entertain 1500 people



FOH (Front of House) Audio, My Darkest Days (604/Island/Def Jam 2010)

House tech at The Reverb (Big Bop Concert Hall)

FOH City Hall Toronto 2013/2014

FOH/Monitors Hillside Music Festival (Guelph, ON), Edgefest (Toronto), CBC Music Fest (Toronto), Bestival (Toronto), Aboriginal Arts Festival (Toronto), Elora Riverfest (Elora) and many more.






I also wanted to highlight the sound guy (Lucy)  who worked out event.

He did a great job overseeing set-up, and when issues popped up with the stage production in final rehearsals

in the theatre next door to our event, he worked with the venue, our team, and the production team to find a

solution and keep everyone happy. We wouldn’t have been able to have the event without his great work, so

please pass on our deep thanks.


I hope we will be able to work with you again in the future.






Dawson Bridger | MyOntario Project Manager – Community Outreach

Ontario Heritage Trust